PhD in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Industrial Innovation


The new Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Industrial Innovation Graduate Program prepares scientists to address problems in basic and applicative research in academia and industry. The program gives students a foundation in chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences for understanding complex processes at an atomic level, and provides training in the sciences related to their industrial applications. This interdisciplinary study entails training in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry (covering aspects that range from synthesis to structure and function at different scales and with applications that range from bioorganic to green chemistry, from material science to nanoscience and energy), as well as training in pharmaceutical sciences (covering subjects that range from drug design to pharmaceutical technology and advanced analytical methods).

The program is provided by the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Drug Sciences.

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Affiliated Departments:
Department of Chemistry

Department of Drug Sciences

This PhD program is part of the Science and Technology area of the PhD Schools of the University of Pavia

Duration of the Program

3 years

Future Employment and Job Opportunities

At the end of their program, the students will be able to advance scientific and technological knowledge both in academia and industry. A number of graduates find opportunities in academic careers.


Eligibility criteria:

To be eligible for the PhD School in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Industrial Innovation, a Masters’ Degree in related areas is required.

Further information and documents for the applications can be found here.