Final exam and PHD title


In the month of September of the last year of PhD studies, PhD students will have to present their research work in a seminar in front of all the Collegio Docenti.

Seminars are typically given in two days, fully dedicated to PhD students in the form of a workshop. Generally, this event takes place in mid-September.



– By 30 September of the final year, the students are asked to upload the documents necessary for their thesis evaluation using google-module forms provided by the coordinator (to upload documents, just drag them in the spaces or use the links)

             copy of the thesis (pdf), with short summary in Italian and English (word file, about 1000 characters)

             title page of the thesis (I enclose a template for your convenience)

             report, personally drawn up and countersigned by the tutor, on the activities carried out during the PhD course (pdf file; all activities except research).

             Furthermore, a list of publications and conference communications is required, distinguishing between poster and oral ones.

             self-declaration regarding the congresses/seminars/workshops followed in the 3rd year only (during which, you will remember, these must cover 3 TCs of activity)

In a separate e-mail, if needed, please send the coordinator ( the request for the embargo of your thesis as per UNIPV rules (

This material, together with the evaluation of the research seminar, will be considered by the Academic Board (Collegio Docenti) to be held at the end of September 2023.

– Students will then have to register for the final exam by 15 October (unless otherwise specified in the future) with payment of an MAV, sending a pdf copy of the thesis to at least two Reviewers, who will have been suggested by the tutors to the College, approved by the latter and nominated with rectoral decree.


The supervisors (and co-supervisors) are invited to indicate the thesis reviewers, who will later take part in the final exam evaluation commission for the PhD Defense. Tutors will have to indicate a third participant in the final exam committee, belonging to UNIPV who will act as internal member (for the new recording procedures defined by the University regulation it is necessary to sign the minutes electronically). As always, send the data to the coordinator ( and to the secretariat (Eleonora De Lorenzo,

To summarize, the evaluators, who will also be part of the final selection board, must be:

– at least two researchers/teachers who do not belong to Unipv (in addition to professors from Italian and foreign universities, CNR, IIT, EMBO researchers, etc. can be indicated)

– a Unipv teacher, the internal member, not necessarily from the departments of Chemistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences.


For admission to the final discussion, the opinions of external reviewers are mandatory.

It is the students’ responsibility to send the theses to the evaluators, together with the evaluation form (attached to this e-mail), by cc’ing the sending e-mail the coordinator ( and the secretariat (eleonora.delorenzo@

Please inform the reviewers to return the evaluations to the coordinator’s address ( and to the secretariat (Eleonora De Lorenzo, within one month of sending the thesis.

The reviewers will communicate their evaluations. It is necessary to receive the positive opinion of the two external reviewers for admission to the final exam.

We ask students to promptly forward/communicate the reviewers’ reports to the coordinator ( and to the secretariat (Eleonora De Lorenzo,

At this point the Academic Board meets and considers the opinions of the reviewers, and if the opinions are positive, decides on admission to the final exam in the form of a seminar before the commission made up of external reviewers and the internal UNIPV member.


Once the opinions of the reviewers have been seen, the Tutor in agreement with the reviewers are asked to indicate the date for the final exam (defined by tutors, referees and internal member ). This information is necessary to open the official session on ESSE3.

In addition to this information, tutors are required to provide the coordinator ( and secretariat ( with the tax code of the referees or, in the case of foreigners, the details for calculating it ( date and place of birth, gender, full name).

IMPORTANT: at least 20 days before the final exam, the PhD students must upload to their reserved area

  • The final version of the thesis
  • The referee reports

Taking care to indicate the validation by the Coordinator.

At this point, the coordinator will validate the thesis.

The organization of the final discussion is a responsibility of the Tutor, the student and the internal member.

We underline that the internal member (of UNIPV) of the Committee will be responsible for reporting and recording in ESSE3 the consensus resulting of the commission’s evaluations (there is no longer anything on paper).

Attached you will find a handbook prepared by the Training and Research UOC on the new procedures.

Detailed instructions on completing the doctorate and accessing the final exam can be found on the general doctorate website (