Final exam and PHD title


It is the students’ responsibility to send their theses to the evaluators, together with the
evaluation form.
The evaluation committee (referees), who will also be part of the final examination
committee, must be:

  • at least two researchers/teachers who do not belong to Unipv (in addition to professors
    from Italian and foreign universities, CNR, IIT, EMBO researchers, etc. can be indicated)
  • a Unipv teacher, the internal member, not necessarily from the departments of Chemistry
    or Pharmaceutical Sciences.
    For admission to the final discussion, the opinions of external auditors are mandatory.
    When submitting your thesis to evaluators, please cc-email the coordinator
    ( and the secretariat (
    Please inform the reviewers to return the evaluations to the coordinator’s address
    ( and to the secretariat (Eleonora De Lorenzo,
    Within a month of sending the thesis, the reviewers will communicate their evaluations,
    with the approval or request for changes to your theses. It is necessary to receive the
    positive opinion of the two external reviewers for admission to the final exam.
    We ask you to promptly forward/communicate the reviewers’ opinions to the coordinator
    ( and to the secretariat (Eleonora De Lorenzo,
    At this point the Academic Board (Collegio Docenti) meets and considers the opinions of the
    reviewers, and if the opinions are positive, declares the admission to the final exam. The
    latter is in the form of a seminar in front of the commission made up of external reviewers
    and the internal UNIPV member.


Once the opinions of the reviewers have been received, the tutor in agreement with the
student and referees are asked to indicate the date for the final exam and communicate it
to the coordinator ( and secretariat (
In addition to this information, tutors are required to provide the coordinator
( and secretariat ( with the tax code of the
referees or, in the case of foreigners, the details for calculating it ( date and place of birth,
gender, full name).

IMPORTANT: at least 20 days before the final exam, the PhD student must upload to their
own reserved area in ESSE3:
• Final thesis
• Judgment of the thesis reviewers.
At this point, the coordinator will validate the thesis, in order to make it available to the
We underline that the internal member (of UNIPV) of the commission will have to take
charge of reporting and recording in ESSE3 the evaluations resulting from the consensus of
the committee members (the whole new procedure is online).


The final defense is organized with the participation of the 2 referees who read the theses, the internal member of the Evaluation Committee (who acts as president of the commission as a member of UNIPV and in possession of the electronic signature) and the student candidate. The student will have to give a presentation lasting approximately 25-30 minutes, which is then discussed with the Committee (typically for another 25/30 minutes). At the end, after an internal discussion within the Committee, the president (UNIPV, because he has a signature) records the results of the session, entering the necessary information. The student’s career will close automatically as soon as the minutes are signed with digital signature (procedure completely similar to that of graduation sessions). No further reports/documents will be required.

Detailed instructions on completing the doctorate and accessing the final exam can be
found at this LINK on the general doctoral website (