Basics of intellectual property

Basics of intellectual property (5 CFU)
Teacher: Alessandro Pontiroli
“Basics of intellectual property: a practical approach to patents, utility models, protection of know-how with outline of design and trademark protection”


“The aim of the course is to provide participants with an overview of the main principles of intellectual property and of its importance to research, development and innovation processes, both in academic and in applied science environments. A special focus will be aimed at patents, utility models and management of confidential information”:
Program outline (hours)

– Basic law and historic outline of intellectual property (IP) (2 hours)
– Features of main types of intellectual property rights relevant for applied science and technology: patents, utility models, design rights, confidential information, trademarks. (4 hours)
– Patents and utility models: what can be protected, exclusions from patentability, types of inventions,  basic requirements. (2hours)
– Confidential information: values, requirements and  strategy.  (2hours)
– Outline of filing, prosecution and enforcement of the main types of IP rights. (2hours)
– Real-life examples and strategies for securing and leveraging IP rights  by scientists and technologists. (2hours)

The teacher will be Dr. Alessandro Pontiroli, of whom the CV is provided, expert in the field of intellectual property, the language will be strictly English and the audience of potential doctoral students could also be very large, given the topic not strictly focused on chemistry or chemical-pharmaceutical sciences.

The method of delivery will be that of the classroom lesson, compatibly with the covid-19 restrictions and the verification of learning could be to carry out the drafting of the patent, analyzing all the phases of research of prior art, style of writing, any prophetic formulas , etc.

The period of presentation of classes of the course could be both the first and the second semester.