Educational Offer 2023-2024

The following educational offer is active for the PhD year 2023-2024 (cycles 37, 38 and 39)


ALL CURRICULA (transversal course)
to enroll in these courses, after approval of the teaching plan, follow the instructions indicated

Basics of intellectual property (5 CFU)
Teacher: Prof. Alessandro Pontiroli

Research and Nanomedicine (6 CFU)
Lecturers: Prof. Piersandro Pallavicini (Department of Chemistry); Silvia Rossi, Giuseppina Sandri, Carla Caramella (Department of Drug Sciences); Livia Visai (Department of Molecular Medicine); Gabriella Bottini (Department of Brain and Behavioral Science)  Inactive 2023/2024

An 8-hour “Research and Nanomedicine” workshop will be held in June

Origins of life (6 credits)
Lecturers: Daniele Dondi, Daniele Merli, Stefano Protti, Federico Forneris. (DD, DM, SP: PA Dipartimento di Chimica; FF: PA Biologia Molecolare)



Introduction to the chemistry of complex systems (6 credits)
Prof. Umberto Anselmi Tamburini

Photocatalysis in technology and synthesis: past, present and future talysis toolbox (6 credits)
Prof. Davide Ravelli

Inventing the sustainable batteries of the future (2 credits)
Prof. E. Quartarone

Chemosensors, biosensors and electronic noses and tongues (6 credits, 24 hours)  
Prof.  G. Alberti

Modern NMR spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry (6 credits)
Prof. Mariella Mella

New frontiers in inorganic catalysis (4 credits)
Dr. Yuri Diaz Fernandez

Advanced Diffraction Techniques for Structural Investigation in Material Science * (6 credits)
*taught in alternate years starting from 2020     Inactive 2023/2024
Prof. L. Malavasi and D. Capsoni

New frontiers in Photovoltaics: Materials and Technologies (2 credits)
Prof. Giulia Grancini

Food chemistry and analysis (6 credits)
Prof. Daniele Merli

Get Prepared for the Next: How to build an Effective Scientific Research Project, tools and tricks (2 credits)
Prof. Giulia Grancini

Guide for a cost-effective organization of experiments and synthetic representation of massive dataset
Prof. R. Biesuz

Molecular Simulations in Chemical Biology * (6 credits)
Prof. Stefano A. Serapian



DOE: Application to pharmaceutical formulations (2 credits)
Prof. Maria Cristina Bonferoni

Innovative analytical methods in drug discovery (4 credits)
Prof. Enrica Calleri

Manufacturing and control of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients (4 credits)
Prof. Carla M. Caramella

Peptides and eptidomimetic therapeutics: scientific approaches (6 credits)
Prof. Simona Collina

Manufacturing of sterile pharmaceutical products (4 credits)
Prof. Bice Conti

Physical properties of powders (2 credits)
Prof. Barbara Vigani

Rational drug design (4 credits)
Dr. Daniela Rossi

Technological controls of semisolid drug delivery systems (2 credits)
Prof. Silvia Rossi

Patent law (2 credits)
Prof. Lauretta Maggi

Experimental model in Biopharmaceutics (2 credits)
Prof Giuseppina Sandri

Food supplement development (4 credits)
Teacher: Prof. Adele Papetti